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Merter’s New Meeting Point in Shopping


CARLOT SHOPPING is a new concept that will breathe new life into Merter in the new season and give momentum to the mens wear sector with its unique stores.

Carlot Shopping, with an area of 13,500 square meters, consists of 9 floors and 175 stores. Carlot Shopping has 4 main entrances and offers a combination of comfort and shopping pleasure. For a comfortable shopping in Merter you can easily browse the stylish shops with the elevator and escalators and feel the privilege of Carlot shopping with a baby care room, disabled wc and a prayer room for up to 600 people. Also, Carlot Cafe is waiting for guests who want to take a short break from shopping or relax at the end of the shopping and spend quality time.

A New Breath in Men’s Clothing Fashion

Birbirinden özel koleksiyonların ve kaliteli modellerin sunulduğu mağazaları ile erkek giyim modasına yeni bir akım getirmeyi hedefleyen Carlot Shopping, Türkiye başta olmak üzere, Avrupa, Orta Doğu, Doğu Bloğu ve Kuzey Afrika ülkelerine ihracat ağını genişletmeyi hedefliyor.

Carlot Shopping aims to re-capture the business volume lost in the textile sector in recent years and add a new vision especially for the menswear sector, and aims to give a new direction to the commercial volume of Merter, which has an important place in the textile center of Turkey.

Carlot Shooping

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